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Our History

Dream City was established in 2002 with the sole aim to provide our clients with one stop solution to all their visa and immigration problems. It was a joint venture of Robert Brown and Amelia Jones, both of whom had enjoyed success as migration agents since 1995. In June 2002 they joined hands to form Dream City in order to help people with the challenges they face while migrating and to establish and adapt themselves in an unfamiliar country with different language, culture and laws. Since then, there has been no looking back as the firm has been growing in stature and popularity year by year.

Our success

Today, our firm has a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who advise and represent around 500 clients a year and provide services related to visa, migration laws, career planning and accommodation to them during their migration to Brisbane, Australia. Our core team has been trained to deal with the complexity of Australian immigration laws and keep in touch with the ever changing Australian laws and regulations. We share the credit of our success with each and every member of our team.

Our services

To migrate and set a business in a new city is not an easy task. At Dream City, we help you by providing all the legal and general information about setting a business in Brisbane. First of all you need to register your company’s name and apply for Australian Business Number (ABN), Tax File Number (TFN) and Pay As You Go withholdings (PAYG). But before fulfilling the legal formalities, you should properly plan a proper business structure to ensure success and profitability in future. For this our representatives will familiarise you with the opportunities available and ways to harness them. We will also help you to make a proper business plan by mapping out sales projections, operating cost and state technicalities etc to attract investors. The main motive is not only to find good match and connections but also secured funding. If you are interested in investing in a business in Brisbane but do not wish to take pain of all the legal formalities and setting up brick and mortar, we provide you with the options. Our finance experts will provide you with a list of businesses on sale. They will guide you through the whole business and inform you about its structure and profitability. Not only this, our legal team will also help you with all the legal formalities and checking of documents. They will keep you informed about the latest law developments for the smooth running of business, once you have acquired it. We also understand the stress and concerns of migrating to a new country and a new life and so we keep you updated and informed at every single step of your life in Brisbane. We hold special classes for our clients and their family members to give them information on all the aspects of life in Brisbane. There are interaction sessions in which you are introduced to different communities and their members. So, from the day one you get familiar with people and get to make friends.

Why Us

We, as a team are completely dedicated, focused and committed to every task we undertake. We give our 100% to provide best possible service to our clients. Being honest to our clients, we take up cases on basis of merit and scope of success. From the first minute our clients are aware of the percentage of success of their case. And once we take up a job, it becomes our responsibility.

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Mayor’s Office

Welcome to the city of dreams

Dylan Brown

Mayor of City

Under my administration, Council is keeping Brisbane on the right track. We have focussed on building smoother streets and managed traffic well. Our main aim is to create new lifestyle and leisure opportunities and keep Brisbane clean, green and sustainable. We have always welcomed immigrants from all over the world and are committed to provide them all the facilities needed for investing and starting up a business.
Keeping the focus on building our local economy, we have been successful in creating new jobs and balancing the budget while rolling out the most ambitious environmental agenda in our city's history. I am committed to delivering vital public transport projects to help address the existing bus capacity issues. The Brisbane Metro Subway System will provide a solution to keep our city heading in the right direction.

Our Team

We have a strong team of experts and professionals who are the best of best in their respective fields. They not only provide our clients with services regarding migration and visa but also offer their valuable advice regarding accounting, law, migration law and business planning in Australia.

Robert Brown

Robert Brown is the Founder, Managing Director and CEO of Dream City, Brisbane. He has a working experience of over twenty years and has specialised in the field of migration and corporate relocations. His hard work and work ethics have been a source of inspiration to his team.

Amelia Jones

Amelia Jones is the Co-Founder and Finance & Accounts Director of Dream City. She has been in the field of financial management for over twenty years and thus manages and advices in business accounts and finance area. She has all the qualities of a successful leader and has led the company by example. With her knowledge and experience she can help you set business in Brisbane and make it a profitable venture.

Ethan Turner

Ethan Turner is our immigration lawyer. He is an important pillar of our team and his dedication towards his work is commendable. You can always trust him for an expert legal advice on immigration or any changes in laws.

David Anderson

David Anderson is our Clients Relation Manager. His charming and friendly personality makes our clients comfortable and easy. He remains in touch with our clients even after immigration and makes the efforts to help them adapt with their new life.

Chloe Johnson

Chloe is a passionate and service oriented Registered Migration Agent. She understands the visa process inside out with years of practical knowledge in this field.

Olivia Martin

Olivia is Office Manager and Clerk at Dream City. She is an excellent communicator and administrator. She is passionate about customer service and ensures all our clients are attended by respective departments in time.