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Citizenship, visa waiting times could increase amid staff cuts at Immigration Department

People may have to wait longer for visas or Australian citizenship to be granted because of cutbacks at the Immigration Department. The department has revealed 355 staff had gone from the visa and citizenship section since the beginning of the financial year. He added that rapid growth in all categories of visa applications had a bigger impact on waiting times than staff cuts.

Migrants bringing parents have to get their private health insurance

The aged parents of immigrants in Australia will have to get private health insurance and financial backing from their children before being able to access a new temporary visa being introduced by the Government. The announcement follows a report issued by the Productivity Commission, which recommended the introduction of a temporary visa for parents, which would allow them to stay for a longer period of time as long as the sponsoring child met the necessary health and income costs during their stay.

Government abolishing 457 visas, Malcolm Turnbull says

The Government will abolish the 457 visa and replace it with two new visas. Current visa holders will not be affected by the changes, which will see the introduction of two new temporary skills visas — a two-year visa and a more specialised one for four years. Mr Turnbull said the new system would be "manifestly, rigorously, resolutely conducted in the national interest". "The migration program should only operate in our national interest. This is all about Australia's interest," Mr Turnbull said.

Important Information for QLD Business Visa Holders

If you are a Business Visa Holder, then make sure you approach the specific needs of DHA and BSMQ. That needs to be considered for a subclass 888 permanent residency visa nominations. Don’t forget to consider timeframes of QLD nomination while planning to fill your DHA application.

Engineering Registration: Ways to migrate in Queensland

BSMQ imposed an implication on offshore applicants to apply under engineering occupations to acquire evidence of registration with the Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland (BPEQ). If you have migrated to Queensland for setting up a career as an engineer and do not have BPEQ registration, then you can only work currently in a professional engineering role within Queensland under the supervision of RPEQ who is responsible for this.